National Identification Number

We make National Identification Number enrollment fast and easier. Begin your NIN enrollment here. Molab LLC is NIMC approved agent to offer NIN pre-enrollment.

National Identification Number

The Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN) is a set of eleven digits, assigned to Nigerians of all ages, and legal residents by the Government.

Your National Identification Number (NIN) is used to tie together all records about you – demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, other biometric data and digital signature – in the National Identity Database making it relatively easy to confirm and verify your identity when you engage in travels and transactions.

NIN Enrolment involves the collection of the individual’s demographic data, as well as the capture of ten fingerprints, a head-to-shoulder facial picture, and a digital signature. This information is used to verify that there is no previous record of the same data in the National Identity Database.

Ensure you provide the right information about yourself while enrolling for your NIN, and data captured during this process will be the information legally identifying you for life whenever your NIN is used.

As an approved agent, Molab LLC offer Pre-Enrollment of NIN in diaspora. Want to enroll for National Identification Number in United States?  Schedule an appointment with us to begin the pre-enrollment.

Diaspora enroll for national Identification number NIN

Importance Of NIN

  • It is used for retrieving your captured information from the National Identity Database
  • Your matching information associated with your NIN can be then used to verify that you are really who you say you are.
  • It helps to provide accurate records about actual living/dead persons in every region of the country
  • It helps to keep track of actual transactions as well as movement of people within and out of the country
  • It helps to confirm which individuals are in actual need of particular Government services, e.g. age and retirement confirmation for pensioners. 
  • NIN helps in cutting down the time needed for verifying documents to properly identify you in order to access the services you require
  • It helps in reducing errors in allocation of services to the right people
  • NIN  helps in prevention of fraud (419) where someone else impersonates you
  • Verification of the real identity of other people you go into financial or business transactions with or even people you wish to employ such as house help
  • Ensuring you are properly identified when receiving health services, e.g. verifying the actual blood types of blood donors at hospitals
  • Verification of voter eligibility during elections.
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  • Pre-enroll by downloading the NIN enrollment form (Print and fill the form)
    National Identity Management Commission » Enrolment Form (
  • Make payment: Zelle, Paypal, money order, (we do not accept cash).
    All payments are final once the service is rendered, we do not issue refunds.
  • Bring evidence of payment. 
  • Schedule an appointment by completing this form and calling this number.
    Appointment form or call +15134264629 
  • The enrollment officer will verify the completed form and supporting documents or provide an enrollment form to fill out if it was not completed appropriately online, and then verify the supporting documents.
  • After verification, the applicant will be issued a transaction slip and immediately issued a National Identification Number (NIN) on the spot. The applicant will be informed when their NIN slip or National Identity Card is available for pickup.
    The NIN slip contains the 11-digit NIN number, located at the top left corner of the second row. This slip is valid for all legitimate transactions in Nigeria.